Monday, January 10, 2011

Now I have to write to som eone.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Betrothed begins.

B has always charmed the ladies, and been charmed by them as well (especially if they are brunettes and either of african american & white heritage, or are latina...and older...). But, it was just cute stuff. Oh, how he still pines for 17 year old Calen.

Then, he started elementary school.

Last year, many girls flocked to him. They were all his "best friends" Coco, Olivia, Sasha, Heather, and some other girl I can't remember. But, they were just his friends....

Then, first grade happened.

Neither Coco or Olivia are in B's class this year. In fact, his luck of the draw left him in a class without any of his very best friends. Fortunately, he can still see many of them at lunch/recess and in childcare. Coco and Olivia are in childcare....Coco's interests seemed to have moved on from B for now...but Olivia...

Ohhhhhh, Olivia....

Olivia likes him so much that her mother has apologized for her behavior. She will not allow B to leave for the day without giving him a hug. She has come up to both my husband and I on numerous occasions and told us she was going to marry Brendan.

She asks him to marry her....every day.

"What do you say to her when she asks?"

"I say yes, because I like her too."

Ohhhhhh, Olivia. My future daughter-in-law. You better treat him well. And you better stay as sweet as you are now or we will have issues.