Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watch out Jackie Chan!

Karate takes up half my non-working hours these days..or nearly so it seems.

Good thing I find it so entertaining to watch the miniature ninjas.

Last night was a Karate night. We signed B up for karate for many reasons, good exercise, good discipline...and we are hoping it will give him a little more self pride and confidence. B is such a caring loving B, which is awesome, but it makes him a little meek in nature.

For example, the kids were asked to partner up with someone. B was too timid to approach anyone and was without a partner, until one of the teachers noticed he and a girl were both without a partner. The girl is a purple belt. B is a white belt. The girl is like..8? 9? B... 4 1/2. Quite the difference, eh?

Yesterday, they were practicing hold breaks, and blocks mostly. For this section, they were working on blocking punches while retreating (and throwing punches while advancing, obviously). This is a new concept to B for the most part. I was worried the purple belt would get annoyed with B being so far behind them...but she did a wonderful job with him.

I was pleased as punch to see him doing so well :)

Then, they all gathered to talk about the exercise. Master asked the other teachers if they saw anyone who exhibited the technique exceptionally well that could demonstrate to the class. The teaher who was nearest to B and A when they were working at it spoke up, "I think B and A did a very good job, especially given the difference in their levels. A, as a purple belt exhibited great leadership when helping B, and B did an excellent job at the technique. I was amazed to see a white belt do so well."

*gets teary eyed with pride just remembering*

None of the other teachers had anyone to offer, so Master invited A and B up to demonstrate to the class. This was B's first time to do this. B and A squared off towards each other, with B's back towards me. Before they started, he turned, and was the most gorgeous smile, full of pride in himself. It is a moment I will always remember.


Yes, this karate thing is working out to be a good investment, even if I have to scrimp and save to make them happen. WELL worth it. Just for that moment....

And he's just a white belt! Imagine what my little dude will be like if he makes it to Black Belt!

~Ninja Mom.


Kim said...

SO proud of your little ninja!!


Anonymous said...

Yea! I love watching them learn and demonstrate new things! Makes your hear swell as well as a tear or two! Way to go B (and Mom too)

JustMeMyselfandI said...

Yay, white belt baby! :) I loved it when Austin was in taekwondo. (sp?) He was awesome at it, but got bored and decided he didn't want to do it anymore. :( My favorite thing about it were the exhibitions. There is nothing cuter than 3 yr. old babies kicking and WTG, B!

Anonymous said...

I love it!
B sounds like my Ryan.
I always said God gave me Ryan to calm me down and to experience innocence every day.
You go karate mom!

D said...

I am still beaming :)

You know what else makes me smile? Someday, he will know how all of you beautiful women supported him from afar :)

And Ally, I agree...B was given to me to save my life (I really believe least my sanity)

And, I love the innocence, with the tinge of mischief always lining his aura *grins*